How does it work?

Welcome To The Bahamas Academy!

The Bahamas Academy brings together the professionals of The Bahamas. This website is dedicated to travel professionals and will allow you to acquire the knowledge and tools that will help you build the perfect holiday for your clients.
You can find all the useful and practical information that you can use to advise your clients daily and assess your knowledge on The Bahamas with our e-learning program that goes at your own pace.
After completing the training, you will become a The Bahamas Destination Ambassador.
Our e-learning course will give you focused information on the islands, hotels, activities and the different customer types looking for their Bahamas holiday.


Become an Ambassador, get rewarded by going to The Bahamas and become a real Expert!

Step 1: Becoming a Bahamacademic.
Sign up and create your account. You are now part of the Baham’ac community and have access to the online training program to become a destination expert. You will be kept informed of the latest news in the archipelago through newsletters – news on air and sea links, activities, events, hotels, promotions, everything you should know will be sent to you!

Step 2: Become a Destination Ambassador of The Bahamas.
You can choose to attend one of the training sessions in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. These events are organized by The Bahamas Tourist Office and are sometimes organised by a tour operator and organisations. These sessions are held several times a year. If you prefer to train at your own pace, you can use the e-learning training from your account. Two different types of e-learning programs are available depending on your agency’s profile: general or group and incentive specialized operator.

Upon completion of the training program, you will be officially included in the exclusive group of certified travel agents by The Bahamas Tourist Office.

Step 3: Become an Expert.

Record all your sales to The Bahamas.

You could also win a place on a fam trip in The Bahamas! The more booking your register the better your chances. The selection criteria for the fam trip will be based on the personal sales registered on your account.

Please note that the cruise ships that depart from the United States will not be accepted due to their limited transit time (less than 24 hours in The Bahamas). The different sales categories (island, hotels) recorded will showcase the excellence of advice and real interest in the destination that will be accounted and valued in the final selection for the educational tour.

Once you have participated in a fam trip to The Bahamas, you will become an Expert in the destination and will be referred to as an expert on

Each year and whenever possible, we will reward your expertise as well as our partnership. All certified Ambassador Travel Agents and Experts will be invited to exclusive events in London.